Helping Areas RECOVER, Helping People RECOVER,

by Helping Contractors Fund RECOVERY.


Who We Are

Our team is made up of construction, underwriting, finance, legal and political professionals that understand the complexities of working under Government contracts in disaster areas. We have the knowledge to understand how a commitment by Congress to deploy federal funds flows through the affected local government and ultimately becomes an obligation to pay the contractor’s invoice. Our team is here to become an extension of your team.


Helping Areas RECOVER, Helping People RECOVER,

by Helping Contractors Fund RECOVERY.



Our executive team has personally lived through some of the most devastating storms ever to hit the United States. We have experienced first-hand the struggles and chaos of disaster recovery. Our goal is simple, we want to help contractors have the liquidity to sustain and grow their operations so they can help those in disaster affected areas recover quicker. Natural disasters will continue to devastate our country at increasing frequency, the FCFP will be there to help recover.

What We Do

We offer private funding solutions to contractors working in a federally approved program or project. Our program is designed to focus on the contractors business and provide them the operational capital needed to focus on completing the recovery project quickly and effectively. Contractors currently in our program are seeing significant growth in their business. We bridge the gap to the federal funds!



“We have relied on the FCFP to carry our operations and secure additional business we otherwise could not have procured. The FCFP team understands the disaster recovery business like no other financial company we have ever talked to.”

 Jason Watkins, Redline Global



Let the FCFP team show you how we can help provide a funding solution to help with
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